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Non-Heated Yoga

Non-heated yoga calgary

Our McKenzie Towne, Airdrie and Nolan Hill locations offer a variety of non-heated classes. Class availability may vary by location.

FoundationsNew? Try this!

Our non-heated Foundations is perfect for anyone who is unsure about (or unable to) practice in the heat. This class will bring strength and focus to the body from head to toe. By removing the flow and focusing on longer static holds, emphasis is placed on the pose itself rather than linking movements. Beginners can use this time to build up to our flow classes, while more advanced students can work on precision and alignment. The focus will be on foundational postures, however the instructor will provide modifications for every experience level, giving you the chance to expand your practice if you so choose. Because this class is not a set sequence, you can expect to learn something new and different every time. ALL LEVELS - GREAT FOR BEGINNERS.

Body BalanceNew? Try this!

This class focuses on improving the movement of 2 of our largest joints, the hips and shoulders. When we improve the movement patterns in these joints, we can decrease pain and tension throughout our whole body. If you experience pain or tension in your neck, shoulders, back or hips, this class can help. Body Balance is perfect for everybody, whether you are an avid athlete looking to improve performance or someone looking to ease tension and have less pain. This is a gentle and slow practice. ALL LEVELS.


Flow is an invigorating class that integrates breath with movement and builds strength, flexibility and core stability. Sequences include sun salutations, standing, balancing, seated and twisting postures. This is not a set series, allowing instructors the freedom to play with alignment and movement and more advanced postures than our heated Flow classes. ALL LEVELS.

Yoga Sculpt

Yoga Sculpt is a total body workout designed to sculpt every major muscle group and blast calories by combining light weights with yoga postures. This intense but easy to follow workout is the perfect complement to your regular yoga practice and will give you long, lean muscles and a calm, centred mind. Use of weights is optional. ALL LEVELS.


Barre is a fun, energetic workout that fuses techniques from dance, pilates, weight/resistance training and yoga. This class will tone, define and chisel every muscle in your body, making it an ideal complement to your regular yoga practice. ALL LEVELS.

Yoga Bootcamp

Sweat out all your stresses in our Yoga BootCamp. This class will help boost your metabolism and cardiovascular endurance by incorporating Barre, Pilates, Weights, Bands and, of course, Yoga! It's a great class for toning your body and challenging your mind. ALL LEVELS.

Family 5+

Yoga is a great activity to do with every member of your family! Introducing your child to yoga at an early age helps to build confidence and self-esteem, as well as a strong mind and healthy body. Partner poses are emphasized which create fun opportunities to connect with each other throughout class. Class is open to the whole family with children 5 years old and up. ALL LEVELS.

Yoga for Backs

This class is a therapeutic yoga approach to eliminating back pain. You will learn to create new functional movement patterns for a strong, healthy back for life. You will also start to uncover the movement patterns throughout your body that are contributing to your sore tired back. When you begin to understand what is causing pain and tension you can begin to shift it. You will explore the connection of the breath and core and their relationship to maintaining a healthy spine. This class is perfect for anyone wanting to improve back health, whether you are an avid athlete looking to improve function or you are having issues with pain and tension, this class can help. ALL LEVELS.

Relaxation Classes


Restorative yoga is a passive practice in which poses are held for several minutes at a time utilizing blocks, straps and balls (our non-heated classes also use bolsters, blankets and the studio walls). These props are used to minimize the amount of work required by our muscles during poses. A restorative practice can rest your body, stretch your muscles, lower your heart rate and blood pressure, and calm your nervous system, moving you into a peaceful state of deep relaxation. ALL LEVELS, THERAPEUTIC.

Restore & Meditate

Restore & Meditate will start with a passive candlelit practice where poses are held for several minutes. Blocks, straps, bolsters, blankets and/or studio walls will be used to help minimize the amount of work required by the muscles. You will then be lead through a guided meditation to calm your mind and move you into a peaceful state of deep relaxation. ALL LEVELS, THERAPEUTIC.

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