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We offer many amazing workshops and other special classes on a periodic basis. You can view and register for our upcoming workshops below or keep informed of any upcoming events and courses by liking our Facebook page or by signing up for our Newsletter.

Pranayama For The Mind And Body (Session 2)

With Angelica Janik

Join Angelica on a journey to the realms of inner bliss, attained through pranayama techniques and physical exercises. Kundalini Yoga is considered an oldest of yoga traditions, combining meditation, mantra, physical exercises and breathing techniques. It is known as the Yoga of Awareness; focusing on self-awareness and delivering an experience of your highest consciousness. The technology of Kundalini Yoga is a science of the mind and body, to elevate the spirit, which has no boundaries, no discrimination. Therefore it is for everyone, universal and nondenominational.

Angelica has been teaching in Calgary since 2009. Having completed her training for Kundalini Yoga in New Mexico, she is also professionally trained in: KRI - Level 1 (2018); CanFitPro (2018); BSP (2016); Vipassana Meditation (2014); CYA-RYT 800hrs Yoga Therapy (2009-2013). Having been certified in Rishikesh, India 8 years ago, her approach to teaching comes from Ancient Indian roots.

Students are welcome to do 1 or both of the workshops offered, each session will have different methods.

Sat   20/10/2018   4:00 pm

2 hrs $40+GST Avenida

The Art of Relaxation

With Dawn Bayers

Join Dawn on this exploration of breath and the art of relaxation; connecting body, breath and mind.

In this workshop, you will learn breathing techniques and how to apply them to your yoga and meditation practice. You will be lead through a Restorative Yoga practice with Yoga Nidra techniques, Pranayama (breathing techniques) and Meditation.

You will leave feeling revitalized and with a deeper appreciation of your breath, a clearer understanding of the use of Pranayama, and tools to relax more both on and off your mat.

Breathe is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts. - Which That Hanh

Sat   27/10/2018   4:00 pm

2 hrs $40+GST Avenida

The Roll Model®

With Lacey Smith

Roll Model® Therapy Balls are soft-tissue conditioning tools that have been designed to help you increase mobility, improve functional body movement, reduce pain and recover after injury.

Join Lacey for this workshop where you will use these tools to learn different self-massage techniques to affect profound change in your shoulders, upper back, neck, jaw, hips, lower back, IT Band, calves, and feet.

*Register for this workshop and you’ll have the opportunity to purchase your own Roll Model® Therapy Balls for 20% off to use on your own at home or in our drop-in classes!*

Sat   03/11/2018   4:00 pm

2hrs $40+GST Avenida

Yoga 101

With Crystal May

New to yoga and want to get comfortable at a slower pace rather than a regularly scheduled class? Or are you a practiced yogi that wants to refine your skills and dive deeper?

Join us as we introduce you to your yoga practice with confidence and a solid yoga foundation! Feel ready to walk into an all levels class and handle anything yoga has to offer you. Come build your practice with us in a fun, safe and comfortable environment. We will answer many questions that often get asked but rarely addressed in class.

This workshop will give new students an opportunity to explore the basic elements of the yoga poses and regular students a chance to re-establish good alignment techniques. There will be lots of hands on adjustments so you can feel the pose correctly and we will leave plenty of time for Q&A's. Feel confident to allow yourself to expand, heal and grow both physically and emotionally.

Topics covered:
• Introduction to primary asanas, modifications and sun salutations
• Breathing and meditation
• Finding balance and ease in poses
• Supporting your back, addressing main pain issues
• Importance of rest and setting intentions
• Some history and yoga philosophy

Sat   10/11/2018   4:00 pm

2 hrs $40+GST Avenida

Beads of Intention

With Apryl Dawn

Join Apryl for a powerful afternoon of deep introspection and manifesting clear intention. Build the roots of your wildest dreams by creating your own beautiful mala, which can serve as a gracious reminder of your path in this life.

[mala] a strand of prayer beads used to stay focused in your quest for mindfulness and living an intention.

Cost includes all materials for the creation of your mala (semi-precious stones are available at an additional cost).

Sat   17/11/2018   4:00 pm

3 hrs $65+GST Avenida


With Flo Yee

Join us as we help you experience energy and alignment from head to toe. Critical Alignment Therapy (CAT) utilizes props to release tension and correct your postural alignment for more stability and strength in your practice.

The spinal strip, felt roll and backbending bench will increase mobility in your thoracic spine and open up your breathing, and help with backbending poses such as camel and wheel.

Ever tried inversions, such as headstand or handstand? The headstand bench will shift your perspective on things, allowing you to experience inversions without the concern of too much body weight on your neck.

This workshop will help deepen your understanding of how to move functionally - not only in asana but in your daily life. Move better on the mat and feel better off the mat!

Sun   18/11/2018   10:00 am

3 hrs $65+GST Nolan Hill

Sound Healing Meditation

With Tenille Hunter

*Intention and Release Edition*

Join Tenille for an evening of deep connection, intention, and release.

Winter is a time of hibernation and renewal; a time when the trees let go of the leaves of the past an go into a state of reflection and release. On this night we will be celebrating this process with:

• Crystal Singing Bowl Chakra Meditation
• Vibrational Sound bath with Mantra
• Intention and Release Ceremony
• Personal Vibrational and Space clearing

Sat   24/11/2018   6:30 pm

2 hrs $30+GST Avenida

Black Lights & Yoga Tights

With Crystal May and DJ HMSELF

Join Crystal and DJ HMSLF for this invigorating and fun flow class, as we turn off the lights and turn on the black lights and funky beats. Expect to get out of your head and into your body as we move to the rhythm of your breath and the beat of your heart.

We suggest wearing whites or your brightest yoga tights. This class is suitable for all levels and is highly recommended for all students.

Sat   24/11/2018   4:00 pm

2 hrs $30+GST Avenida

Autumn Yin & Essential Oils Detox

With Liane Knox and Kate Vincent

Unmask your sense of self and restore balance with the nurturing power of Yin Yoga & Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. Much like the trees outside that shed their leaves before winter, autumn is the most beneficial season for our systems to slow down, remove toxins, and release stress that weaken the inner body landscape.

Join Liane Knox, Certified Yoga Therapist, and Kate Vincent, Adjuster & Yoga Instructor, for an evening of heated Yin Yoga, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and deep hands-on adjustments. Breath, mantra and movement will fill the studio, raising vibration, assisting our bodies through purification. Embrace all aspects of self care and enjoy the benefits of yoga and detoxification.

Each student will be given their own roll on blend of Essential Oils and a personalized vaporizer to incorporate into their home practice.

Sat   01/12/2018   6:00 pm

2 hrs $45+GST McKenzie Towne

*All workshops are non-refundable and credits will not be issued for missed classes. A minimum number of registrants is required to run these workshops. If workshop is cancelled due lack of registrations, a full refund will be provided.

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