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We offer many amazing workshops and other special classes on a periodic basis. You can view and register for our upcoming workshops below or keep informed of any upcoming events and courses by liking our Facebook page or by signing up for our Newsletter.

The Art of Relaxation

With Dawn Bayers

“Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts.” - Thich Nhat Hanh Join Dawn on this exploration of breath and the art of relaxation, connecting body, breath and mind. In this workshop, you will gain a deeper appreciation of your breath, a clearer understanding of the use of Pranayama (breathing techniques), and how these tools allow you to relax and deepen your physical Yoga practice and move you towards meditation. Dawn will lead a restorative practice, with Yoga Nidra techniques, Pranayama and a guided meditation. You will leave feeling revitalized and with the skills to relax more on your mat and in your day-to-day life. $40+GST. **Workshops and registered programs are non-refundable and credits will not be issued for missed classes.**

Sun   12/06/2016   4:00 pm

2 hrs $40+GST McKenzie Towne

Breathing Space

With Stacey Irvine and Sally Powis-Campbell

Take a deeeeeep inhale. Now exhale sloooowly. As moms, it’s hard to imagine carving out time for yourself to breathe… to connect with other moms… to get support. Let’s change that! Join Sally Powis-Campbell and Stacey Irvine, 2 moms who passionately believe in the power of community and collective healing when women come together — especially in motherhood. Sally is a Registered Psychologist, writer, competitive runner, foodie and mama of 2. Stacey is a Registered Nurse, yoga instructor, yoga therapist, and mama of 3. Both women believe in the power of movement to inspire a healthy mind and body and the power of connection to help elevate each of us to live the best version of ourselves — as mamas and as strong women. This workshop will begin with a discussion about mindfulness, the importance of creating space and time for self-care, and sharing of realistic and effective tools to help you be a more mindful mama! We’ll then have a real and raw conversation about the challenges and joys that go along with our roles as moms, and what we need to thrive. Finally, with open hearts and minds, we’ll move into a 1 hour powerful vinyasa flow class to help move stagnate energy and awaken the drive and passion within each of us so that we may show up more fully in our lives in the many roles we play. Mamas, the time to create some breathing space in your life is NOW!

Sat   04/06/2016   6:00 pm

2 hrs $40+GST Nolan Hill

Summer Solstice Yin Detox & Essential Oils Workshop

With Liane Knox

Celebrate Summer Solstice with Liane Knox, Certified Yoga Therapist, in a powerful Yin practice to inspire detoxification and purification throughout the entire body landscape. Liane will guide this 2-hour detox in a heated environment with the use of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. You will be encouraged to move deep into fire-building postures and experience release through connective tissue work to improve blood flow and tone the digestive organs. Throughout the class intuitive hands-on adjustments will be offered by Adjuster & Yoga Instructor, Angelique Panther, to promote natural healing from the inside out. Breath and Mantra will fill the room creating vibrations which help our bodies unconsciously release, restore, and transform. Enjoy the benefits of detoxification as you let go in your extended savasana, fearlessly empty, light, soft, free. A sweet earthy blend of Cypress, Marjoram and Grapefruit Essential Oils will be used topically and aromatically throughout class. Each student will be given their own roll on blend of Essential Oils and personal scented vaporizer to incorporate into their daily practice. • Cypress Essential Oil - The oil of flow and motion can assist in the removal of bacteria and toxins in the blood, help to increase circulation and stimulate kidney function. • Marjoram Essential Oil - The oil of Body Connection is commonly used to release tension, reduce fluid retention and promote rest. • Grapefruit Essential Oil - The oil of Honor & Integrity is used to help increase function in the lymphatic and cardiovascular systems. Lemongrass essential oil will be diffused throughout the practice fostering a sense of calm during highly emotional and sensitive times. The lungs will also benefit from the aromatic qualities of Lemongrass as the antibacterial properties clean the air we breathe in. $45+GST.

Sat   18/06/2016   6:00 pm

2 hrs $45 + GST Avenida

*All workshops are non-refundable and credits will not be issued for missed classes.

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